Tumor-LN-oC | Tumor and Lymph Node on Chip for cancer studies

Tumor-LN-oC | Tumor and Lymph Node on Chip for cancer studies

✹ Lung cancer is the leading cause of death (1.8 million worldwide, 267K in Europe) and accounts for 1/5 of total cancer deaths. It is believed that up to 70% of metastases occurs through the lymphatic system with lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes (LN) mediating the process, while the rest of them are of hematogenous origin and occur through the blood stream.

✹The EU-funded Tumor-LN-oC project proposes the development and validation of a TRL 5 tumor-lymph node-on-chip (Tumor-LN-oC) platform composed of 3D tissue models and microfluidic chips which will connect surgically removed human primary tumors and LN tissue from the same lung cancer patient. This will serve as a “biological twin” of the patient and will allow to study the interaction of primary tumors with LNs for individual patients.

✹ASPHALION is proud to be partner of this EU granted project, providing Regulatory Support throughout all stages of the project.

✹Also, we are more than happy to share the news with you about the launch of the project´s website:


✹For a complete overview about the project, we invite you to have a look at the press release:


✹For further information, you can contact us at: horizon@asphalion.com

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