Tumor-LN-oC | 12-month follow-up meeting

May 13, 2022

Asphalion is participating in the 12-month follow-up meeting of Horizon 2020 project Tumor-LN-oC that is currently taking place in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on May 12 and 13. During the meeting, Asphalion expert Marta Morales is presenting the results of the regulatory roadmap prepared as part of the activities to develop the regulatory strategy of the Tumor-LN-oC platform.

All 11 partners of the project are attending the meeting, with representatives from microfluidics, cell biology, cancer biology, physics, computer programming and the regulatory affairs field. This has been the second meeting of the Tumor-LN-oC consortium, allowing the participants to meet in person to review a year’s progress since the beginning of the project.

The EU-funded Tumor-LN-oC project proposes the development and validation of a TRL 5 tumor-lymph node-on-chip (Tumor-LN-oC) platform composed of 3D tissue models and microfluidic chips which will connect surgically removed human primary tumors and LN tissue from the same lung cancer patient. This will serve as a “biological twin” of the patient and will allow to study the interaction of primary tumors with LNs for individual patients.

For a complete overview of the project, we invite you to have a look at the website: https://tumor-ln-oc.eu/

For further information, you can also contact us at: info@asphalion.com

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