Asphalion Team

Founded in 2000, ASPHALION has grown consistently and currently employs
over 150 team members of over 16 different nationalities

Knowledge from experience

One of the quotes that has accompanied Asphalion all these years is “Knowledge from experience”.

Experience is something one gains after years of practice and by carrying out projects, accepting challenges and going hand in hand with customers.

Knowledge, skill and achievement are critical components of expertise.

Our team of experts acquire a body of knowledge that makes them informed in their area of expertise.

Furthermore, they possess the skills needed to determine when and how to use their knowledge, and they tend to achieve far above and beyond, and this is exactly what we do at Asphalion for our customers, what differentiates us from other companies, makes us excel and have made us a referent in the sector.

Asphalion 2022 Team
Asphalion 2022 team
Years of experience
Team members


Below you’ll find information about our steering committee.
Each member of our management team has extensive experience in the sector.

Nuria Romero - Asphalion

Núria Romero

Managing Director

Lidia Canovas - Asphalion

Lidia Cánovas

General Manager,
Regulatory Affairs

David Mauleon - Asphalion

David Mauleón, PhD

Founding Partner, Board Member and Scientific Advisor

Michael Schaub - Asphalion

Michael Schaub

Regulatory Affairs & Munich Office Director

Carme Ulla - Asphalion

Carme Ulla

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Director

André Mota - Asphalion

André Mota, PharmD

Regulatory Affairs & Madrid Office Director

Consol Bozzo - Asphalion

Consol Bozzo, PhD

Regulatory Affairs Director

Vicente Tur - Asphalion

Vicente Tur, PhD

Regulatory Affairs Director

Nuria Coderch - Asphalion

Núria Coderch, PhD

Scientific Regulatory Affairs Director

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