Tumor-LN-oC project 

April 25, 2022

The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) featured Tumor-LN-oC project in a special article for World Health Day for its contribution to an innovative and resilient health industry in Europe

Lung cancer is one of the biggest health challenges of our times. In many cases, tumours use lymphatic vessels to spread and colonise downstream lymph nodes (LNs). Tumor-LN-oC is finding a solution for a robust, automated tumour–lymph node-on-chip platform, which will connect surgically removed, human primary tumours and lymph node tissue from the same lung cancer patient.

The project thus uses advances in the fields of microfluidics, cellbiology, cancer biology, physics and computer programming to study the metastasis through the lymphatic system and the interaction of primary tumours with LNs, what will make it possible to offer personalised treatment to lungcancer patients based on the molecular characterisation of their own metastasising cells.

Asphalion is proud Regulatory partner throughout the project.

You can visit the project website for more information: 💻➡️ https://tumor-ln-oc.eu/

Additionally, you can also contact us for further information: info@asphalion.com 

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