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Clinical Evaluation Report (CER)

Key Tips for Drafting a Compliant Clinical Evaluation Report (CER)

Aspects to be considered and practical tips for writing a compliant clinical evaluation report (CER)

Aspects to be considered and practical tips for writing a compliant clinical evaluation report (CER)
August 10, 2023


In the realm of medical devices, a well-structured Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) is an indispensable document that scrutinizes pre-market and post-market clinical data. It assesses both clinical performance and safety, offering a comprehensive evaluation of relevant clinical data to ensure the device’s adherence to regulatory requisites. In this post we will give you some aspects to consider and practical tips for writing a compliant clinical evaluation report. Interested? Keep on reading.



Understanding the anticipations of a Notified Body for medical devices is paramount. A solid starting point is employing the Clinical Evaluation Report template (MDCG 2020-13) developed by the MDCG Group, which outlines the essential sections and details necessary for a Notified Body submission. Additionally, leverage available guidance, including typical specifications, MDR harmonized standards, international standards, and MDCG guidance documents. Remember, quantifying your benefit-risk ratio substantiates your performance claims effectively.



Discerning between pre-market and post-market clinical data is crucial. Classifying these data sets, including clinical data from investigations and other sources, ensures a well-structured CER. For data that doesn’t fit these categories, a rationale should be provided for its inclusion.



Thoroughly assess each identified data set for scientific validity and relevance to the clinical evaluation. To ensure a comprehensive assessment, use at least two literature and adverse event databases. This approach offers a holistic understanding of the device’s safety and performance within the market landscape.



The analysis phase encompasses key elements such as the benefit-risk profile, residual risks, and uncertainties or unanswered questions. A comprehensive exploration of these aspects contributes to a robust evaluation.



Concluding the data analysis phase, the CER should succinctly summarize the findings. This summary plays a pivotal role in presenting compelling clinical evidence to facilitate the device’s approval for European market distribution. This final stage encompasses a range of data sets, including:

  • Technical documentation
  • Post-Market Surveillance (PMS) reports
  • Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) data
  • Risk management files
  • Clinical data
  • Clinical literature


Be OBJECTIVE. Every assertion made within a clinical evaluation report should be firmly grounded in scientific evidence. Objectivity is paramount; therefore, ensure that each claim is substantiated by accurate references.


Drafting a compliant Clinical Evaluation Report demands meticulous planning, a keen understanding of regulatory expectations, and a judicious assessment of clinical data. Following these practical tips can significantly enhance the quality of your CER, ultimately leading to successful approval for European market distribution.

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