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Safety in Clinical Trials: Can we help you?

July 18, 2023

The safety management of a clinical trial (CT) is one of the most relevant activities during its execution, starting from the very beginning with its planning, and requires the involvement of professionals with extensive experience and a continous specific training.

In addition to this, in Europe safety management is a regulated and mandatory activity, since it is necessary to guarantee the safety of patients and ensure the robustness and integrity of the data obtained about the safety of the investigational product. Constant monitoring of the benefit/risk profile of the product under development should be carried out through continuous analysis of each adverse event and the preparation of safety reports.

Leave the safety of your trial in the hands of Asphalion! At Asphalion, we can help you in the comprehensive management of security activities and in the global management of any type of CT you want to carry out.

Have a look at the infographic we have prepared: ASPHALION Pharmacovigilance in Clinical Trials 

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