January 20, 2022

At Asphalion we are proud to announce that we are Regulatory partners of the consortium working on the RBDCOV_EU project 🦠💉🔬!!

RBD Dimer recombinant protein vaccine against SARSCoV2 (RBDCOV) is a new Horizon Europe project led by the biotech pharmaceutical company HIPRA and funded by the Horizon Europe programme which aims at testing the efficacy, tolerability, and safety of the vaccine in children (including adolescents) and immunocompromised people against the different variants of COVID-19 using a recombinant protein. The trials will last 2.5 years.

To carry out this project, HIPRA will work with an international consortium including companies and institutions from five European countries: Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Turkey

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‘RBDCOV Talks’ brings vaccine clinical research closer to the general audience through a podcast series with 10 scientists, clinicians, specialists and community advocates who are partners in the project.

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