Successful meeting of the consortium partners to follow-up on the project and discuss next strategies

Successful meeting of the consortium partners to follow-up on the project and discuss next strategies
June 30, 2022

After seven months of intense telematic work on the RBDCOV project , the partners were able to meet in person in Amer, Girona, at HIPRA facilities to further discuss the strategies to achieve the objective of a Covid-19 vaccine for children, adolescents and immunocompromised people using a recombinant protein.

Asphalion is proud regulatory partner of RBDCOV by carrying out the regulatory pathway throughout the project: seeking scientific advice for the RBDCOV clinical trials with the European regulatory authorities; preparing the required documents to support clinical trial applications and supporting the preparation of the eCTD registration dossier currently under rolling review, among other regulatory activities.  We work together with an international consortium that includes companies and institutions from five European countries.

Our participation in several EU-funded, cutting-edge projects allows us to be at the forefront of innovation and are an added value to our know-how, heightening our position in the COVID-19 vaccine development. It is both an honour as well as a great challenge to us to be part of this project!!

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You can also contact us for further information: info@asphalion.com

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