NEW Pharmacovigilance services

NEW Pharmacovigilance services

At Asphalion, we are happy to announce that we have developed and are now offering two new Pharmacovigilance related services.

On one hand, the European local contact Pharmacovigilance network, that allows us to provide global Pharmacovigilance services throughout Europe thanks to a network of qualified partners. Our strengths are:

  • Single point management of LPPVs across Europe
  • Qualified and validated pharmacovigilance partners
  • Strong knowledge of local PV legislation and local requirements and know-how
  • Standardized procedure for local literature searches and ICSR management

On the other hand, the Pharmacovigilance solutions for the United Kingdom: Following the end of the transition period between the UK and EU, it is more important than ever for Pharma companies to secure their business considering EU and UK regulations in order to be able to introduce their products into the market or to carry out business. Our Services comprise:

  • National contact person for PV
  • UK PSMF and MHRA communications
  • Variation Type IAIN C.I.8
  • ICSR management

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