World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day

Today is World Tuberculosis Day. The date marks the day in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch announced that he had discovered the bacterium that causes tuberculosis, which opened the way towards diagnosing and curing the disease. Each year, this date aims to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of tuberculosis and to step up efforts to end the global tuberculosis epidemic.

Tuberculosis remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious killers. Each day, nearly 4000 people lose their lives to tuberculosis and close to 28,000 fall ill with this preventable and curable disease. Global efforts to combat tuberculosis have saved an estimated 63 million lives since the year 2000; however, is necessary to ensure equitable access to prevention and care, specially now that COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need to reboot a global effort to end the tuberculosis epidemic.

At Asphalion we are committed to the fight against tuberculosis and we have provided Regulatory Affairs solutions for some tuberculosis related projects. With our expertise we aim to contribute to a future free of this disease. Because the clock is ticking, and it is time to end tuberculosis.


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