February 28, 2022

Currently, there are 300 million people living with one of over 6000 rare diseases worldwide. These affect between 3.5 and 5.9% of the population. 72% of rare diseases are genetic and 70% start in childhood. There is no cure for the majority of diseases and a few treatments available.

At Asphalion we would like to highlight our commitment to the development of new treatments for rare diseases. Our Scientific and Regulatory Affairs team contributes with its knowledge and expertise in supporting organizations throughout the regulatory pathway to obtain the Orphan Drug Designation in EU and US. This status provides benefits for a fee reduction or exemption, protocol assistance, access to research grants and 10-year EU market exclusivity (after authorization).

These incentives allow medicines with small commercial potential to be on the market under normal conditions, and thus yielding an overall benefit for the society. So far, our experts have participated in more than 50 projects related to successful Orphan Drug Designations.

We actively contribute to bringing treatments to the market and thus improving patient´s lives, and today is a day to raise awareness and improve access to treatment for those individuals with rare diseases.

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