PV-month | Safety Writing video

February 9, 2024

Within Asphalion’s PV-month, we are devoting this week to Safety Writing. At Asphalion, our commitment lies in guaranteeing the highest levels of safety, and our experienced Pharmacovigilance team is fully dedicated to this mission.

We launched our Safety Writing slides yesterday, presenting invaluable insights into the distinct phases of safety management planning, essential for clinical development, marketing authorization preparation, and post-marketing phases, applicable to both medicinal products and medical devices. This infographic offers a comprehensive snapshot, streamlining all pertinent considerations.

Today, we are releasing a video that provides further insights on Safety Writing and what Asphalion can do for your company in this regard.

Have a look at the video here! ASPHALION’S SAFETY WRITING VIDEO 

Need help for your Safety activities? Contact us at: info@asphalion.com

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