Kick-off meeting | #SINPAIN project

May 20, 2022

The partners of #SINPAIN have met this week at the kick-off meeting in San Sebastián, Spain. Asphalion is in charge of the Regulatory activities of the project and our experts, Oriol Penon and Montse de Castellarnau were able to meet their colleagues to discuss about the Regulatory strategy to be carried out.

The project is game-changing with regards to tackling the pressing need for effective and economical osteoarthritis treatments. It is estimated that about 500 milion patients worldwide are in need of novel therapy approaches to alleviate chronic pain and slow disease progression. Aiming to develop novel siRNA advanced therapy, the project will create models from biopsies of patients that allow a deep insight into knee osteoarthritis and will generate advanced siRNA-based products that help alleviate pain and slow down disease progression.

Even with osteoarthritis being the most common joint disorder worldwide, there is still no efficient treatment so far. The objective of #SINPAIN is to develop an efficient therapy over the next four and a half years to improve the quality of life of those affected, as well as to reduce the high costs of treatments associated with this condition.

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