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December 22, 2023

At Asphalion, we take pride in our commitment to help and, because of this, this year we have contributed making a donation supporting three key causes: Cruz Roja, Fundación Pasqual Maragall and la Marató de TV3.  

The International Red Cross organization is the largest humanitarian network in the world. Established in 1863, ensures humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and other situations of violence, as well as promotes laws to protect them.  

Founded in 2008, Fundación Pasqual Maragall for the investigation of Alzheimer’s disease works with the objective to end this illness through science and innovation, preventing the disease and improving the life of both patients and caregivers. Their dream is that of a future without Alzheimer´s were getting old is associated with positive experiences.  

La Marató de TV3 it’s was set up in 1996 with the mission of encouraging and promoting biomedical research of excellence, as well as the social awareness-raising about the illnesses featured in the programme through citizen participation campaigns and actions involving dissemination and education.  

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