FREE WEBINAR | Regulatory tips for Medical Device and IVD developers

February 2, 2023

MedTech entrepreneurs, developers and manufacturers play an important role in public health and the global economy. The medical device industry is one of the most regulated industries; it is regulated and enforced by law to ensure safety, performance and efficacy of devices during their lifetime, from their pre- and post-market lifecycle.

In the current rapidly evolving regulatory environment entrepreneurs, developers and manufacturers are requested to consider and include regulatory aspects as early as possible to optimize resources and avoid re-engineering.

Adi Ickowicz, Senior Principal at Asphalion, will deliver this webinar. The purpose is to provide tips and essential information to medical device and IVD entrepreneurs, developers and manufacturers. During the webinar, principles on regulatory affairs will be discussed. There will be some time for Q&A afterwards. You can send your questions in advance or on the same day.

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