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UIC Barcelona Executive Education Forum - Challenges in Health

UIC Executive Education Forum – Challenges in Health

May 5, 2022

Asphalion Account Director, Oriol Penon, will be participating this afternoon at the fourth roundtable of the Executive Education Forum – Challenges in Health, dedicated today to e-health and developments in the Healthcare industry.

The Executive Education Forum aims to link the business world with UIC Barcelona’s master’s degrees, as well as to offer new ways of understanding knowledge and research in fields related to the health sciences sector, linking them with practice in the professional and business world.

At the fourth roundtable it will be discussed about the “Support for the transformation of knowledge and strategies for the innovation of biomedical products”. Marta Trapero will be moderating the session. The speakers will be Dr Marta Princep of BHV partners, Dr Josep Lluis Falcó from Genesis Biomed and Oriol Penon, Account Director at Asphalion.

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📌 23rd of April | Sant Jordi

May your day be filled with roses🌹 and books 📖 Happy Sant Jordi everyone from Asphalion! Feliç Sant Jordi! ⚔🐉

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