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EU announces continuity of Horizon H2020 projects for 2021-2027

The new programme, Horizon Europe, is proposing 100 billion for research and innovation.

The new programme, Horizon Europe, is proposing 100 billion for research and innovation.
July 23, 2018
The new programme will be built based on the achievements and success of the previous research and innovation programme (Horizon 2020) and it will keep the EU at the forefront of global research and innovation. EU funding allows teams across countries and from diverse scientific disciplines to work together and achieve fruitful discoveries, making Europe a world-class leader in research and innovation.
Horizon Europe will introduce the following main new features:
  • A European Innovation Council (EIC), to help the most innovative start-ups and companies scale up their ideas
  • New EU-wide research and innovation missions, focusing on societal challenges and industrial competitiveness
  • Maximising the innovation potential across the EU
  • More openness
  • A new generation of European Partnerships and increased collaboration with other EU programmes
More information about the new programme is detailed in the following link: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-18-4041_en.htm
At present, Asphalion is actively participating in EU H2020 funded projects! Currently, we are involved in 5 H2020 projects consortiums as the partner taking care of the regulatory activities during the development of different innovative products.
  • iHIVARNA: Therapeutic TriMIx/mRNA based Vaccine in Chronic HIV-1 Infected Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy. More information: http://ihivarna.org/  
  • ELASTISLET: Tailored elastin-like recombinamers as advanced systems for cell therapies in diabetes mellitus. More information: http://www.elastislet.eu/en/ 
  • MYOCURE: Development of an innovative gene therapy platform to cure rare hereditary muscle disorders. More information: https://myocure.eu/ 
  • HIVACAR: Development of a Combination of Therapeutic Vaccine, Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies and Viral Reservoir Activators to Modify Latent Reservoirs in Chronic HIV-1 Infected. More information: http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/207437_en.html 
  • nTRACK: Development of a safe and highly sensitive multimodal nanoimaging agent enabling noninvasive, quantitative and longitudinal stem cell  tracking and whole body biodistribution. More information: http://www.n-track.eu/
The success we are experiencing with the current project makes us willing to continue with new challenging work. We will more than glad to discuss future projects in this new EU scenario. Contact us at H2020@asphalion.com.

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