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A stroke is most frequently caused by a clot in an artery supplying blood to the brain.

A stroke is most frequently caused by a clot in an artery supplying blood to the brain.
October 29, 2021

According to the World Stroke Organization, a stroke is a non-communicable condition where the blood supply to the brain is disrupted, resulting in oxygen starvation, brain damage and loss of function. A stroke is most frequently caused by a clot in an artery supplying blood to the brain.

More than 13 million people will have a stroke each year and around 5.5 million will die as a result. The chances of a stroke increase significantly by age and globally, around one in every four adults above the age of 25 have at least one stroke in their lifetime. Many stroke survivors face significant challenges that include physical disability, communication difficulties, changes in how they think and feel, loss of work, income and social networks.

World Stroke Day was established to increase awareness and drive action on stroke around the world. This year´s campaign aims at focusing on raising awareness of the signs of stroke and the need for timely access to quality stroke treatment. When somebody has a stroke, every second that goes by is crucial. As brain tissue and millions of neurons begin to fade away, time of response is key.

At ASPHALION, we are very proud to have provided Scientific and Regulatory Support for +30 projects related to the cardiovascular system. Our team´s mission is our passion: working together with our clients in order to generate ideas and implement solutions that contribute to improving health in all our lives.

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