ASPHANET PV | Asphalion´s local Pharmacovigilance service

December 18, 2023

ASPHANET PV is a network of qualified partners that allows Asphalion to provide local pharmacovigilance services throughout Europe. 

Some of the local PV services that we can provide you with are: 

  • Cell phone availability and direct interaction with local authorities 
  • Set up of local Pharmacovigilance requirements 
  • Local literature searches and medical information 
  • Contact person in case or urgent safety issues 


We offer a tailored service that simplifies all procedures whilst providing the highest quality standards and keeping your company PV compliant all the way through.  

Here some of the advantages of having a solid Pharmacovigilance EU network: 

  • Trust and advice: A trusted partner who knows the business is able to recommend the best solutions. 
  • Proximity: One of the most important values is the local vision that an extensive partner network offers to big clients. 
  • Specialization: A partner with experience and knowledge about the specific sector in which a company operates can talk to the customer about the needs of the industry and its business opportunities. 
  • Agility: The optimal way to do this is by outsourcing these processes to managed service providers. 


Have look at all the detailed services here: ASPHANET PV Services

Contact us in case you would like to know more about this service: 

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