ASPHALION TEAM | Annual convention

November 14, 2022

Asphalion’s annual convention took place last Friday in Barcelona! During the meeting, the challenges that lie ahead were analyzed, with special attention to the 5 sustainable development goals that we integrated in our corporate strategy for 2022: Health and well-being; gender equality; responsible consumption and production; life on land and peace and justice.

We have been working actively on these 5 SDGs during 2022 and hope our work and the focus set on the SDGs will help boosting and achieving our mission and vision: improving health in our lives, as well as contributing to improving the environment.

In addition to this, ASPHALION’s growing team gathered together at el Poble Espanyol de Barcelona in order to carry out several team building activities, aimed at boosting the team´s cohesiveness, getting to know each other better and establishing new connections.

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