general assembly meeting

Attending the first general assembly meeting of HIVACAR consortium

HIVACAR H2020 project aims to provide a new therapeutic alternative

HIVACAR H2020 project aims to provide a new therapeutic alternative
October 27, 2017
Asphalion attended the general assembly meeting (GAM) of the HIVACAR project in Paris this July which was designed to coincide with the 9th International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science.
This was the first GAM of the consortium which kicked off in January 2017 with a meeting in Barcelona. In the GAM, the general status and the following project steps were discussed and agreed between the consortium members. The topics of discussion in the GAM included administrative and general management aspects, as well as scientific issues related to the clinical trial design, regulatory issues and non-clinical studies. Outreach discussion focussed on the potential psycho-social and socio-economic impact of the project. Specifically, Asphalion summarised the outcome of the previous ITF meeting, and introduced the following regulatory activities prior to the clinical trial application.
HIVACAR is an EC funded consortium and project funded under the EC Framework Programme for Research, Innovation and Technology Horizon 2020 call H2020 SC1-PM-09-2016, New therapies for chronic diseases of which Asphalion is a partner.
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