WEBINAR: vNeeS Veterinary Submissions

WEBINAR: vNeeS Veterinary Submissions

New Vet Regulations: Big changes are coming

 Join our online conference on the 18th of May, 2021, 1:00 p.m. (CEST) to know more about the new regulations in vNeeS Veterinary Submissions.

About the conference:

Extedo, in collaboration with Asphalion, is proud to present this complimentary webinar about vNeeS Veterinary submissions.

  • Asphalion´s experts, Vicente Tur, PhD, Regulatory Affairs Director and Pablo Solar, Regulatory Affairs Officer will make an introduction of vNees. After that, they will cover: current applicable guidelines; vNees folder structure; indexing and navigation- GToC and Toc; PDF document requirements; submission portals and, last but not least, similarities and differences with human NeeS
  • Maren Müller, Product Manager at EXTEDO will talk about the preparation of vNeeS with eCTDManager, technical validation – EURS validator
  • The session will end with a 5´Q&A


  • Vincente Tur, PhD, Regulatory Affairs Director, Asphalion
  • Pablo Solar, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Asphalion
  • Maren Müller, Product Manager, EXTEDO

Registration: https://www.extedo.com/news-events/events/detail/complimentary-webinar-vnees-veterinary-submissions

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