People Talks | Meet our exceptional team!

At our “People Talks” we feature some of the amazing people who make up our Asphalion family, so you can get to know them better and understand how their contributions shape our company's success.

At our “People Talks” we feature some of the amazing people who make up our Asphalion family, so you can get to know them better and understand how their contributions shape our company's success.
June 17, 2024

At Asphalion, our success is driven by the dedicated and passionate individuals who make up our incredible team. Today, we wanted to highlight and share the Asphalion journey of Montse Sedano, Invoicing and Project Support manager, on our “People Talks”.

“I have been working at Asphalion for 15 years. Initially, I worked in various departments, including the HR department, where I was responsible for recruiting new employees, managing benefits, and overseeing flexible remuneration. During this time, I also collaborated with the Operations department (now known as Invoicing & Project Support) and the Business department, which has provided me with valuable skills.

Currently, I work as the Invoicing & Project Support Manager, leading a team of four people and overseeing the invoicing process. My responsibilities include managing invoices, planning, and forecasting for various company projects, based on the consultants’ working hours and the hours estimated in the budgets. Four years ago, we implemented SAP ByDesign in the company, and I played a key role in its implementation, adapting several processes to accommodate this change.

My involvement in the pharmaceutical consulting sector is quite unique, as my background is in journalism. In the early years of my career, I worked as a journalist for local magazines focused on electronics and for local newspapers. However, after several years, I had the fortunate opportunity to transition to a pharmaceutical laboratory, marking my first experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it introduced me to the world of regulatory affairs. I learned extensively about procedures, the structure of a CTD dossier, and how to interact with health agencies.

This newfound interest led me to join Asphalion, thanks to the trust and support of Lidia Cánovas, Núria Romero, and David Mauleón, who provided me with the opportunity to continue growing and learning in this sector.

At Asphalion, I have had the opportunity to develop my skills and lead a team effectively. I am very proud of the team we have built. We collaborate with the commercial and technical departments to manage projects, face new challenges daily, and achieve our goals.

What I truly appreciate about Asphalion is the flexible working hours, which help me balance my personal and professional life. Additionally, the social benefits Asphalion offers, such as health insurance, a restaurant card, and the option to work from home, are significant advantages.

In short, I am very grateful to Asphalion for these 15 years, during which I have learned a lot and been part of an excellent team of people”.

Stay tuned for more insights about the talented professionals who make Asphalion what it is today!

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