nTRACK event on Stem Cell NanoImaging – Advances and Applications

March 22, 2022

✹ The EU-funded nTRACK project aims developing a safe, scalable and highly sensitive nano-imaging agent. The nTRACK nanoparticles (NPs) allow noninvasive visualization and tracking of the administered labelled stem cells to be used during development of new cell therapies. n-TRACK responds to the need of tools to evaluate and predict the safety and success of cell-based treatments in earlier stages.

✹ASPHALION expert Marta Rayo Lunar took part at a conference with the project´s latest updates with a talk about the lessons learnt regarding the regulatory point of view. Asphalion is partner of this EU granted project, providing Regulatory Support throughout all stages of the project.

For further information, you can check the project website: https://www.n-track.eu/

Additionally, you can contact us at: horizon@asphalion.com


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