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NEWS | Social media as a listening tool for Pharmacovigilance

With AsphaDigiMedia, we're raising the bar for pharmacovigilance, putting patient safety at the forefront of drug development

With AsphaDigiMedia, we're raising the bar for pharmacovigilance, putting patient safety at the forefront of drug development
July 9, 2024

The Government of Catalonia, through the Catalan Guide on the advertising of medicinal products for human use has published an article about the importance and relevance that social media is increasingly getting as a screening tool for pharmacovigilance.

As mentioned in the article: “Pharmacovigilance regulations establish the obligations and functions of the responsible parties involved, including that drug risk management plan is part of its marketing authorization. This reinforces the obligations of the owners of the marketing authorization to identify potential security problems proactively and collect the pharmacovigilance data generated.

Taking into account the massive use of social networks by the population and the ease and transparency with which users share experiences, sensations, doubts or concerns, and increasingly suspected adverse reactions, the pharmaceutical industry should consider this communication route as another tool to contribute to the pharmacovigilance of its medicines, establishing standardized procedures for the registration and monitoring of such information.”

Read the full article here: SOCIAL MEDIA AS A LISTENING TOOL

Asphalion can help you with the monitoring of your safety data mentions across social media platforms thanks to AsphaDigiMedia, our AI-Powered Social Media Screening tool. AsphaDigiMedia enables real-time surveillance of social media, allowing for immediate action when a potential safety issue is detected, allowing to capture the patient’s voice directly from social media discussions, leading to a more patient-centric approach to drug safety.

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