Marcos Fernández, New Regulatory Affairs Associate Director at Asphalion

Associate director

Marcos Fernández, New Regulatory Affairs Associate Director at Asphalion

Communication from the Board of Directors

Marcos Fernández – New Regulatory Affairs Associate Director at Asphalion

Marcos Fernández began his career in Asphalion, being responsible for eCTD publishing services for EU and ASMFs/DMFs. During this period, he gained vast knowledge on European procedures such as Centralized Procedures, eCTD publishing tools, trainings and validation. Following this period, he advanced to take over the management of the xEVMPD and IDMP department, further expanding his knowledge on the new IDMP legislation and the implementation of RIM systems in different companies. This experience allows him to be one of the references as a Business Consultor for eCTD and RIM implementation projects leading activities, such as company requisites review, tool selection, data mapping, cleaning and migration to these types of systems.

So, today Asphalion’s Board of Directors announce Marcos Fernández as new Regulatory Affairs Associate Director of the company.

“Asphalion is a leading consulting firm and you will not stop learning and innovating at the cutting edge of the sector. Being in contact with clients to help and advise them, permits you to establish an unbeatable relationship based on trust. All this makes Asphalion a unique organization. I have taken this new opportunity as a challenge and want to emphasise that if there is something which makes Asphalion special, it is its people.” said Marcos.

From Asphalion, we thank Marcos for embracing this challenge. We are proud to contribute to the professional development of the team.


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