FORUM INSTITUT COURSE | Variations in Europe

This practical seminar is aimed at anyone involved in planning, creating or submitting variations.

This practical seminar is aimed at anyone involved in planning, creating or submitting variations.
February 27, 2023

Online- 17+18 April, 2023

Join ASPHALION experts Lidia Cánovas and André Mota in another edition of this course who, together with other three excellent lecturers, will share their in-depth knowledge with you and will address the variations process in Europe.

The online training course organized by @FORUM INSTITUT will cover the following topics:

·        Basics, classification and submission

·        Type IA notification, Type IB and Type II variations

·        Grouping and worksharing

·        Special notification of change

·        Variation submission and management

·        Quality-related variations: Changes in the production process, analytics, formulation and packaging & production


The seminar will provide you with the latest information in planning, classification and submission of variations, addressing regulatory requirements in detail, as well as classification and handling of quality-related changes.

There will be practical examples and case studies to reinforce your knowledge.

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