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Digitalization and AI in Pharmacovigilance

Transform the Future of Your Safety with Asphalion as Your Partner

Transform the Future of Your Safety with Asphalion as Your Partner
May 24, 2024

At Asphalion, we provide state-of-the-art, validated software solutions to efficiently and effectively drive your digital transformation. Embrace the digital revolution and transform your Pharmacovigilance strategy with Asphalion! Experience cutting-edge technology, reliability, and excellence with AI-validated tools. Centralize all your safety activities with the highest quality standards. Benefit from effective, budget-friendly, and time-saving resources.



Asphalion’s AI-Driven Tool for Global & Local Literature Searches: Explore Globally, Read Less, Discover More!

Save time and reduce errors with Asphalion’s literature monitoring platform, which consolidates your global and local literature searches into one central hub. Simplify and enhance the categorization and analysis of safety data for a more efficient workflow!



Asphalion’s Digital Tool for Regulatory Intelligence: Your Signal to Stay Informed and Alert!

Identify all safety and regulatory alerts from regulatory agencies’ websites, automating regulatory intelligence activities for medicinal products and medical devices.



Unlocking Active Listening: Asphalion’s AI-Powered Social Media Screening!

Marketing Authorization Holders should routinely screen the internet and digital media platforms they manage, actively seeking potential reports of suspected adverse reactions. Join us in automating the monitoring of safety data mentions across social media platforms!


Advantages of Digitalization and AI in Pharmacovigilance:

  • Efficiency: Automating routine tasks speeds up case processing and reduces manual errors.
  • Data Management: Enhanced data collection, storage, and retrieval systems improve the quality and accessibility of pharmacovigilance data.
  • Accessibility: Digital platforms make it easier for healthcare professionals and patients to report adverse events.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Tools like electronic health records (EHRs) allow for real-time monitoring of drug safety.
  • Compliance: Digital systems ensure regulatory requirements are consistently and transparently met.
  • Automation: AI can automate the triage of adverse event cases, speeding up initial decision-making.
  • Natural Language Processing: AI can interpret unstructured data from various sources, such as social media, literature, and electronic health records.


The integration of digitalization and AI in pharmacovigilance is transformative, offering the potential for more proactive and predictive safety monitoring. These technologies can lead to better patient outcomes and more effective risk management strategies.

Not sure where to start with digital solutions? Let Asphalion guide you! Join usand step into the future of pharmacovigilance with advanced digital solutions and AI-driven innovations! Contact us

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As a company, at Asphalion, we constantly endeavor to lead in embracing the latest trends. In this spirit, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to integrating digital tools that streamline our processes, enhance our efficiency, and enable us to deliver unparalleled quality to all our clients.

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