Critical projects require experts

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Critical projects require experts

Asphalion and Dora Wirth Languages are organizing a webinar on 16th May 2019 to guide you through the process of the Centralised Procedure (CP).

The focus of this webinar will be on the challenges of the translation management during and after the CP.

For any pharmaceutical company the CP can be quite a challenge. You have to deal with tight timelines and need to make sure to comply with all requirements. Especially for Midsized and small pharma companies a CP can be quite a challenge, especially in case it is your first Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA), or your last experience is some time ago.

To overcome this challenge, external support from experienced consultants can help you to ease the process and reduce the risks.

Asphalion and Dora Wirth provide this expertise and during this webinar we will guide you through the process of the CP.

Both Asphalion and Dora Wirth have been supporting a large number of companies for an even larger number of CPs.

In case you are interested in these services or are planning a CP, please register to the webinar by below link:

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