Asphalion Open Doors was amazing!

Asphalion Open Doors was amazing!

The first edition of Asphalion Open Doors took place last 7th June in Barcelona!

Asphalion in collaboration with its partners RegulianceExtedoTDVCros NTDora Wirth Languages and Playbrand organized this daily trip to cover all important aspects of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs world.

The day started in the hotel H10 Itaca where different topics were presented and discussed throughout 8 sessions that occurred in two parallel tracks.

marta rayo

Tools for faster access to medicines – How to make use of existing tools and incentives to expedite development and registration by Marta Rayo Lunar



Challenges of the new Medical Device Regulation: Latest News by Dominique Monferrer



IDMP and the impact of Regulatory Affairs by Marcos Fernandez



How to survive Quality-by-Design (QbD) requirements? by André Mota



During all day, several personal meetings and discussions were held between Asphalion, partners and attendees.

The last session took place in the Asphalion offices and it was a live demonstration of 3 software’s:  Safety Easy PV, RImanager, eCTDmanager presented by Marcos Fernandez, Vicente Tur and Núria Cabello.

After this session there was a special coffee break  where everyone had the opportunity to taste delicious ice creams and smoothies and to visit our new offices in Barcelona.

Cocktails and Smoothies


Cocktails and Smoothies


We are truly happy about the event results and we want share what a couple of attendees said about it:

“Interesting, short and relaxing.”

“It result very clear”

“Interesting presentation, presented in very dynamic way”

“Well-organized and interesting with opportunities”

“Very interesting and useful”

“Very interesting. Waiting for the next one!”


On behalf of Asphalion we would like to thank you all the attendees, speakers and partners  for coming to Barcelona and participating in the 1st Asphalion Open Doors event. Without you, there is no conference, so once again thank you so much for your attendance, support and interest

All in all, we hope that you found the event informative, useful and worthwhile.

We look forward to seeing you at next Asphalion Open Doors edition!


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