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Unlocking Active Listening

Unlocking Active Listening
May 3, 2024

Marketing Authorization Holders are encouraged to conduct routine screenings of the internet and digital media platforms under their management or responsibility, actively seeking potential reports of suspected adverse reactions.

At Asphalion, we have developed our own validated tool that enables real-time surveillance of social media, allowing for immediate action when a potential safety issue is detected: AsphaDigiMedia.

AsphaDigiMedia allows capturing the patient’s voice directly from social media discussions, leading to a more patient-centric approach to drug safety.

Here’s why AsphaDigiMedia stands out:

Validated software & audit trail: offers full compliance with GVP, traceable and transparent

Global Coverage: Data processing in multiple languages and from different regions, offering a comprehensive global perspective on drug safety.

Efficiency and quality improvements: Monitoring of multiple social media platforms and data sources simultaneously, analyzing large volumes of data much faster, enabling rapid identification of potential adverse events and trends.

Continuous monitoring of social media for specific keywords and patterns related to drug use, leading to more effective signal detection

Consistency & Standardization: Consistent analysis, reducing the variability that can occur with manual screening and interpretation by different individuals.

With AsphaDigiMedia, we’re raising the bar for pharmacovigilance, putting patient safety at the forefront of drug development. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare!

Join us for an automated monitoring of safety data mentions across social media platforms!

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As a company, at Asphalion, we constantly endeavor to lead in embracing the latest trends. In this spirit, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to integrating digital tools that streamline our processes, enhance our efficiency, and enable us to deliver unparalleled quality to all our clients.

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