Àngels Blasco appointed Human Resources Director

Àngels Blasco appointed Human Resources Director

At Asphalion, we are proud to announce that Àngels Blasco has joined our team as Human Resources Director!

Àngels brings extensive experience to this important leadership role. Her professional background, high capacity for people management and organization are an asset for our company. Her leadership is people oriented, aligned with the company strategy.

The role will see Àngels lead on the strategic development for HR and recruitment across the company, and some of her key responsibilities will be developing strategies, coordinating human resource activities across the organization, always working closely with all department to design and implement plans that will benefit all employees and enhance the organizational performance and capability.

She strongly believes people are the company´s key element and states that “In order to grow both personally and professionally it is essential we keep continuously learning: innovation and new knowledge are key pillars for company growth”

We would like to thank Àngels for joining us in this journey!!




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