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At our “People Talks” we feature some of the amazing people who make up our Asphalion family, so you can get to know them better and understand how their contributions shape our company's success.

At our “People Talks” we feature some of the amazing people who make up our Asphalion family, so you can get to know them better and understand how their contributions shape our company's success.
November 27, 2023

At Asphalion, our success is driven by the dedicated and passionate individuals who make up our incredible team. In our “People Talks” today our colleague Marta Ruiz, Senior Regulatory Affairs Officer, gives her testimonial about her journey at Asphalion.

“Having completed my master’s degree and while finishing my internship, I decided to start searching for a job. Among the various opportunities I explored, one at Asphalion caught my eye. A few days before submitting my application, I chose to emphasize my passion for technology on my CV. At that moment, I had doubts about the relevance of mentioning this interest in the pharmaceutical industry. It turned out that this aspect played a key role not only in securing an interview, but also in ultimately securing the position. In the end, time proved that it was indeed the right decision.

As I awaited the outcome of my application, the role within the eSubmissions team at Asphalion seemed more and more appealing each day, not only the job description and the team seemed to be a great fit for me, but also the company. So, when I finally received the offer, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

My day-to-day at Asphalion involves reviewing documentation and adapting it to comply with ICH and regional guidances, creating eCTD sequences for worldwide submissions, and submitting them to regulatory agencies. I also provide client support, addressing queries about regulatory submissions, and manage end-to-end regulatory projects, ensuring adherence to timelines and specifications.

What I like most about working at Asphalion can be summarized in three key aspects:

  • Passion for the job: I am fortunate to be in a role within the pharmaceutical industry that perfectly aligns with my passion for technology.
  • Flexibility: Asphalion understands the importance of work-life balance. The option to work remotely has been a game-changer, saving me hours of daily commuting. This is invaluable for someone like me who prioritizes time. This flexibility also extends to accommodating personal needs whenever required. It’s a privilege not every company offers.
  • Teamwork: I believe both my team and Asphalion have a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, where we work together to achieve common goals. There’s no unhealthy competition here; instead, there’s a commitment to mutual growth and shared success.


In a world where finding the perfect job and work environment can be a daunting task, I consider myself very fortunate to have landed in a place like Asphalion. As I continue to grow in this company, I look forward to seeing how Asphalion evolves as well”.

Stay tuned for more insights about the talented professionals who make Asphalion what it is today!

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