How Asphalion is dealing with coronavirus


How Asphalion is dealing with coronavirus

“Asphalion, as a leading Scientific & Regulatory Affairs consultancy, has the responsibility to contribute with its knowledge to any development and research project to face COVID-19. We are involved in a clinical trial for the treatment of COVID-19. We are participating in three H2020 research consortia presented at european level and we have created a specific working group to advise on respirators, masks and other devices for the treatment of COVID -19.

All this work has been done working at home, which makes it more valuable. Thanks to the optimization provided by telecommuting we see opportunities in the future, but we also see some challenges concerning the work-life balance of our employees. For this reason, we are already working on initiatives that promote disconnection out of working hours and also tend to minimize the uncertainty of the situation caused by COVID-19.

Concerned with the exceptional challenge produced by COVID-19, the Asphalion team has responded with great responsibility, flexibility and passion. We are very proud to have endured the situation as we continue working almost normally and with our highly regarded productivity as usual”

NÚRIA ROMERO | Managing Director


“Working remotely is a practice that we have been doing for years at Asphalion. Without realizing it, we have seen that we were very well prepared to confront the exceptional situation that we are experiencing as a society. That the entire company can work exactly the same way as we usually do in the office does nothing but reinforce the robustness of our system.

Doing meetings remotely is not a problem at all. We have even been able to bring the entire company together for coffee and face to face exchanges!

Thus, we continue offering all our services and we can do them remotely with all the excellence that characterizes us. ”

BERNAT AUTONELL | Information Technology Manager


“There are some positive factors in teleworking. It is surprising the human ability to adapt to new situations arises and how a deep sense of teamwork developpes. Certainly, this experience can bring us opportunities for the future. However, there are also challenging factors, including uncertainty and family difficulties especially if we share our home with children or older people, which should be taken into account.

From an operational point of view, we have adapted our Business Plan to the current situation produced by COVID-19. We have focused on launching new actions and activities online and we are trying to be as close as possible to our clients. The postponement of most events planned for this spring has meant that we have to focus on digital strategies to continue having visibility for potential clients.”

The challenge of teleworking is not so much logistical but rather emotional.”

RICARD SAGUÉS | Business Development & Marketing Director


“Working from home has helped us to break with the conventional way of working  at the office, empowering big changes in our daily work especially in terms of flexibility, accountability and work-life balance. I think this situation is giving us the opportunity to analyse and to understand how we can improve and learn from it”

ANDREA GONZÁLEZ | HR Assistant & Office Services Coordinator

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