August 1, 2022

Test your Regulatory knowledge!!

🔹Following last year´s success, we are happy to welcome #ASPHAQUIZ again, our daily quiz to see how much our followers know about Regulatory Affairs. 😊

🔹The results of today´s poll 📊 will be published tomorrow.

🔹We hope you will enjoy it! Do not hesitate to share ⏩, comment 📣 and participate☑️ !

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UK’s “Innovative Devices Access Pathway (IDAP)”

The aim is to develop a pathway that allows manufacturers to provide their innovative device to healthcare professionals and patients at the earliest, safe, opportunity. The proposed pathway will be piloted with digital health technologies and will need to dock into the reimbursement pathways being developed.


It is a day to celebrate and thank individuals who donate blood and encourage people in good health to donate blood regularly, as often as is safe and possible, to transform the quality of life for transfusion dependent patients and help to build a secure blood supply in all countries in the world.

📌 23rd of April | Sant Jordi

May your day be filled with roses🌹 and books 📖 Happy Sant Jordi everyone from Asphalion! Feliç Sant Jordi! ⚔🐉

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